Engaging Mobile Campaign Sites


The mobile phone is increasingly used for accessing information, and we increasingly also act on the information that reaches us through the mobile, especially if we receive it at locations and in situations where we are receptible to the information and we are to make decisions.

If you offer products and services or want to present information to many customers it now becomes important for you to present information for consumption via mobile phones.

QR Codes, NFC tags, SMS requests etc make it easy for your customers to access the information where it's relevant, for instance in your shop, out on the town, on the bus or train, or at the exhibit or conference. The applications are vast.

It's important that the user understands why they should access the information and that the information is relevant, interesting and quick to understand and consume. Sadly many fail to achieve this, by pointing the user to the normal Web site, or by not giving enough reason to access the information.

We experience that there's been a lack of an easy-to-use and cost-efficient tool for publishing mobile information.