Engaging Mobile Campaign Sites

The Solution

CliqTags is a cloud-based Web app (or SaaS) that makes it simple to create and administrate sites adapted for mobile devices. CliqTags also includes tools to create the means to access those sites, be it via QR Codes, NFC, SMS or other. In other words, CliqTags is a one-stop shop solution for efficient and effective management of information adapted for mobile devices.

With CliqTags you don’t have to worry about the underlying technology, as it’s built into the service and ready for use without installing anything.

Instead, all focus can be put on the campaign or other information that is to be distributed to customers.

Both you and your customers have access to CliqTags 24 hours a day, which also means that you can address markets in other regions of the world.

Content (both sites and individual pages) can be scheduled so that you can publish information in advance, and get the information activated as well as deactivated on time, the latter e.g. when contests or campaigns have ended.

Publishing of content is immediate, which means that you can check the current status and possibly adapt the information based on a new situation, like what might be overstocked in your shops, the weather and traffic conditions, spontaneous events and gatherings, or to match a competitor’s offerings.

All people bring their mobile phones along and are hence enabled for information consumption wherever they are. Hence, if you have a message you want to convey to those users, you need to provide information that is optimized for mobile phones. CliqTags will enable you to achieve that.

With CliqTags you keep track of the traffic on your sites, which you can visualize as diagrams or lists, making it easier to adapt for future efforts.

For each mobile site a QR Code is generated that can be used in printed media, to drive visitors to your site.

As a generated QR Code, NFC tag or SMS request and its embedded unique link refer to content on CliqTags, the content can be changed over time without you having to change the printed information.